Considerations To Make When Going For Fake Doctor’s Notes

Doctor notes can help you avoid trouble at the workplace following the decision to take a break and abscond work. Although working is inevitable and helps pay the bills, it can be quite overwhelming as time goes by and taking one or two day off can help you get rejuvenated and refocused. In fact breaks are very important in improving employee performance which is why leave cheats are provided every year. Employees are also allowed to stay at home during public holidays. Apart from these days, the only way you can take a break from work is if you fall ill or if you lose a family member. Holidays and leaves can take too long to come by and you may need to take a quick break to handle something else or simply relieve the pressure, tension and exhaustion. Regardless of the needs you have, fake doctor’s notes can help you take a break from work without worrying about the repercussions.

How to get fake doctor’s notes

There are several ways to get a fake doctor’s notes and finding them is a relatively effortless process. In fact, several sites claim to offer 100% legit fake doctor’s notes, which may seem ironical but still understandable if you are looking for such notes. This statement simply mean you will not be asked any questions after handing over the notes as they are indistinguishable from genuine notes written by professional doctors regarding real patients. There are three main ways to get fake doctor’s notes and two of them are quite effective. These include the following;

a) Downloading from credible fake doctor notes companies

There are several companies that specialize in offering doctor’s notes templates that can be downloaded, edited and printed. Such companies offered high quality legit notes designed after comprehensively reviewing thousands of doctor notes from different states and countries. Their aim is to make sure the notes are as legit as possible; cannot be distinguished from real notes. This is the recommended way to go about finding fake doctor’s notes if you decide to miss work without a “worthy” reason according to your employers and you can access them at

b) Using a friend or relative doctor

If you have a friend or relative who is a doctor in a given clinic or hospital, then finding fake notes should not be a problem. You can simply ask them to write down some notes and stamps. As doctors, they will know how to convince your bosses regarding your fake illness. However, your employers probably know you have a relative who is a doctor, especially if they are close family. Most companies often carry out employee background review to determine any association with criminal activities in the past. Using a friend or relative doctor may be effective, but carries a high risk if discovered especially since they can lose their licenses or will be noted down for malpractice. This will definitely harm their reputation and career development.

c) Forging notes on your own

This is the most ineffective way to go about using fake doctor’s notes. In fact, most people who try this method end up being caught and heavily punished as it is insulting to the organization and employers. So this leaves one main option which is trusting fake notes companies.

Things to consider

Although most companies that offer fake doctor’s notes will claim to give you 100% satisfaction guarantee, not all of them characterize desirable attributes. As a matter of fact, some offers are scams that will extort your money without giving any real value. It is advisable to keenly review offers before spending your hard-earned cash of fake notes. Some of the things to consider include;

  • Phony excuseGood/positive reputation
  • Experience and professionalism
  • Quality guarantees and lengthy money-back guarantee
  • Previous/current customer reviews, opinions, testimonials and complaints
  • Affordability
  • Customer services
  • Offering variety and customization opportunities
  • Ease of use, editing, downloading and printing


There are other minor things to evaluate when looking to spend money on fake doctor notes. It is important to note that you are not going to need such notes all the time; you can only take so many breaks in a year. Eventually, the company will realize your turnout issues and consider replace you place you on a low-requirement position. However, subscribing for annual free downloads will ensure you have high quality legit notes whenever you need them for you or your friends. It is advisable to choose credible highly reputed companies that have been providing top quality fake doctor’s notes for a long time in the area.

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