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Getting to Know Hemorrhoids – The Cause and the Treatment

The condition where the anal veins become swollen (reasons may vary) is usually considered as Hemorrhoids. Though this disease is not life threatening, the condition is really unbearable and the pain one will suffer is inexpressible and affect the well being . Hemorrhoids are classified as internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids based on the location in which they occur. In most of the cases, internal and external Hemorrhoids will occur at the same time, however, there is a significant difference between these two. Let’s have a brief look.

Internal Hemorrhoids

Internal Hemorrhoids are less painful when compared to other. The bleeding is very high in this case. Rectal bleeding occurs during bowel movements and the stool typically gets covered in blood. One can easily observe blood everywhere in the toilet bowl. White mucous discharge is observed in rare cases. Itching sensation in the anus and fecal incontinence are also common in patients who are suffering from Internal Hemorrhoids.

External Hemorrhoids

When compared to internal Hemorrhoids, this one is painful but causes a few problems. If the skin tissues are thrombosed, the pain will be huge and usually lasts for four to five days (if proper treatment is taken). In most of the cases, a skin tag will remain and cause hygiene-related problems. One must clean their anal area properly if they had recovered from External Hemorrhoids. In most of the cases, the itching sensation will be there but if one starts scratching, the wound will never heal.

Hemorrhoids are most times not severe and the symptoms can be managed by good home based treatments or by use of over the counter medicines. Luckily, hemorrhoids usually go off with time and serious medical treatment is not usually needed.

What are the causes of hemorrhoids?

Most time hemorrhoids are hereditary if at least one of the parents has hemorrhoids the child would surely get it, sooner or later. Pregnant women are very susceptible to hemorrhoids and if they develop the condition, it can be transferred to the child. A child could develop them from constipation because of poor eating and toileting habits. Another lifestyle habit can keep you at a risk of contacting hemorrhoids Habits like eating food without fiber, having anal sex, obesity, straining in the bathroom, drinking excess alcohol, and such will put you into a risk.

What are the treatment options for hemorrhoids?

Natural remedies are preferred because they are safe and they can give perfect results. Surgery is usually not an option because of the likely adverse reactions and the immense stress it could subject the mind to. These following natural methods will help in the treatment of hemorrhoid :

  • One should take plenty of raw vegetables and fruit in their diet. Taking more fiber foods will improve the intestines functioning to their best. The everyday diet should include cereals, fresh juices, milk and lots of fruits.
  • The victim should be encouraged to drink as many liquids as possible – water, tea, milk. Fizzy drinks like soft drinks should be discouraged as they do not contain any natural vitamins that can enhance the immunity. The drinks will in turn help to soften your stool so that you won’t strain when in the bathroom. Water is good for your health, it helps in digestion and absorption of food,
  • Physical activity should be encouraged in victims with hemorrhoids. Active movement helps improving blood circulation, tones the muscles up and boosts immunity. Soccer is a good sport to be encouraged among them, also baseball, volleyball, and basketball are also recommended. The more intensive the sports activity, the more beneficial the effect of hemorrhoids cure and prevention is. Biking should be vigorously discouraged as it causes pressure to build up in the bottom area of the body.
  • Over the counter medications are effective when it comes to treatment of hemorrhoid. All you need id to know the best medicine and visit the nearest certified chemist. The pharmacists will prescribe the medicine for you.

How to deal with bleeding episodes with hemorrhoids

Perfect personal hygiene is a must. The rectal area must be kept perfectly clean, it should be washed after every bowel movement and dried with a soft cotton towel. You can apply Vaseline to the affected area to alleviate the symptoms. If the victim has had constipation for more than a week and has bleeding episodes from the rectum, perhaps he has hemorrhoids. If the symptoms are painful you can use topical analgesics to temporary stop the pain.  Fortunately, there are some very good remedies and you can read about one here that is at least one of the top 5 most effective hemorrhoid cream products available.

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