Paleo Cooking For The Elderly

Over the past 20 years, nutritionists, fitness trainers and physicians have worked too hard to come up with dietary solutions for most modern problems, mainly weight gain, aging and a myriad of degenerative diseases. The end result has been incredible, yet widely flawed. In fact, there are too many diets, workout manuals and nutritional supplements in the market including sub-standard offers that will do you no good. Most recommendations are based on a few nutrients of compounds essential for metabolism and various body functions instead of holistic approaches. Nonetheless, some research studies have led to the emergence of complete diets that improve health and wellness while protecting you from modern diseases. The paleo diet is no novel thing in the market; it is the natural lifestyle that human beings were designed to live, consuming healthy foods that the body craves. Visiting nurses tasked with cooking for the elderly should inculcate paleo diets to improve nutrition, health and wellness especially at this critical age where the elderly is susceptible to a myriad of challenges stemming from poor nutrition.

Principles of Paleo Cooking

Paleo involves two main principles:

  • Maximum nutrition intake – Consuming natural organic foods from plants and animals. This includes making targeted recipes for essential nutrition and maximum impact on health.
  • Avoidance and elimination of toxins and interference – Avoiding the toxins and chemicals found in most processed and packaged foods. This allows the body to naturally detoxify and promote expansion of cells as well as growth.

The end results of pale diet are improved development, growth, moods and performance. The benefits of paleo are quite obvious and straightforward. They include development of lean stronger muscles, energy surplus, increased stamina and libido, weight loss, improved immune system, enhanced performance and recovery. Others are thicker hair, clear eyes and smooth skin as well as mental clarity and memory.

Paleo Cooking and The Elderly

Modern diets have led many astray as they have delayed side effects that begin to show up with age. As we get older, the metabolic functions begin to drop due to reduced energy requirement. You will start losing some muscle weight and becoming weaker as time goes. More aging symptoms begin to show up and susceptibility to diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s only increase. If you do not make a sudden turn to assess your current diet and shift to one that supports your health, more bad news will definitely come your way. Visiting nurses can use special recipes to deliver paleo nutrition for the elderly. For insights on what paleo recipes to make, visiting nurses can read PaleoHacks Cookbook which is one of the most reputed books detailing paleo diets, nutritional value and numerous recipes to start maximizing nutritional intake.

Paleo diet is just as important to the elderly as any other age group, and is in fact very necessary. As aforementioned, old age comes with various undesirable conditions ranging from slowing metabolism (lower BMR), to reduced mental function, deteriorating skin, muscles and body, increased susceptibility to modern-day diseases, decreasing energy and weakness. Without proper nutrition, these challenges will dawn on you much quicker than expected and may lead you into chronic depression when there is no one around to listen and hang out with you. Paleo delivers the right nutrition planned for the human body. It is helpful to the elderly in the following two broad ways;

  • Micronutrients – As we get old, the body starts becoming insensitive to insulin and digesting carbs can be a problem. General digestion of minerals and vitamins like magnesium, calcium and vitamin D also becomes less efficient. When absorbing the required nutrients from modern foods is never that easy, more calories go into waste. Paleo delivers micronutrients that insight the metabolic processes to rejuvenate resulting in increased energy, heart health and more active brain function. Essential nutrition also re-establishes the digestive tract and strengthens the immune system to fight generic diseases.
  • Disease prevention and managementStudies show that 27% of those above 65 years in America suffer diabetes compared to 8% of the total population. High carb diets are the major cause of insulin insensitivity and memory lapse since insulin signaling is a vital component of maintaining memory functions. Many adults also suffer dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease among other neurological disorders. Paleo offers vital nutrients that promote ketosis and carb metabolism, reduces oxidative stress and improves heart and brain functions. When combine with workouts, paleo diets can keep the elderly feeling younger, stronger and more active while protecting them from modern diseases caused by sedentary lifestyles.

In simple terms, paleo sparks regeneration of cells and improvements that will help the elderly remain strong and active for many more years allowing them to age gracefully instead of winding up on a wheelchair.

The ultimate paleo recipes of the elderly: PaleoHacks Cookbook

As of now, there are probably hundreds of paleo diet recipes and books available in the market. Platforms like kindle publishing make it effortless for anyone to quickly span around a few articles and create an eBook. Nonetheless, you will soon realize that such books contain limited information and relatively basic insights. If you are determined to find helpful content regarding paleo diet, recipes and targeted combinations for specific diseases and conditions, you must take time to keenly review the information provided. The PaleoHacks Cookbook is provided to help those who genuinely want to thrive upon a paleo diet and lifestyle. It includes delicious mouth watering recipes of paleo dishes that deliver essential nutrition for optimal metabolism and energy supply. The information provided therein can help caretakers and visiting nurses quickly come up with tasty recipes for improved health benefits. It is quite inhuman to prepare high-carb diets and processed foods that you know will harm the elderly in due time. PaleoHacks cookbook offers you a chance to offer the best nutrition from readily available natural ingredients.


Cooking paleo dishes is no different from normal cooking. In fact, it is much better since you will be cooking with a clear conscious that the food being prepared is going to deliver key nutrients that are essential to perfect health and well-being. However, you should use a guided recipe to maximize the benefits. Without a recipe, you may end up plating too many ingredients of a kind rendering the meal just as potentially harmful as high-carb recipes.

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